Workshop Classes

Upcoming Workshop Classes

Until further notice all workshop classes will be handled via a virtual environment. This provides both you and us a safe working environment while still providing hands on instructions. If you would like to learn more about any of our classes offered, you can email us to setup a time to discuss. Enrollment is currently full but we can add you to the wait list.

A list of classes available online include:

Vocal Introduction – An introduction to the vocal instrument.

Dramatic Ensemble – Provides a chance to learn from experience by creating new works together.

Orchestra – provides a chance to become familiar with orchestration and music notation through pieces that can be performed in our local community.

A list of class dates will be posted soon.

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The Top Theater Picks are a series of short performances that make use of the instruments and theater in the community. These shows have been selected out of our venues over the last year and are available for free to instructors, faculty and students at the request of the management team.
Running time: 2-5 min. Studio setup: None

These shows will be introduced throughout the year as part of our regular programming. Running times range from 2-5 minutes. Please note that these shows are to be performed by students on campus only, and are intended for short performances and fun, not for submission or entry in any festivals or contests. All shows will be introduced the the community by email, social media and on the Top Theater Picks page. Running time: 4 – 6 min.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

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