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Theater Workshop: 3 Reasons Why We Love It And How It Can Help You Write

One of our bright students Matt wanted to contribute to our site and has provided you with a great article about the benefits of theater workshop for him.

Often, when I tell my friends and family that I’m a theater major, they immediately predict what types of career I will have. They’re right to do so —it’s hard not to dream about the life of an actor or director and the possibilities for where it can lead. But lately I’ve been thinking about how theater has helped me discover who I am as a writer, a process that started with pageants when I was younger.

Many people begin writing in order to explore their identities – whether that’s through serious themes like depression or alcoholism or more light-hearted topics like fantasy worlds or gossip columns. But if you’re thinking about getting into theater, here are three reasons why I love it, and why you should think about joining the club:

To let loose.  Theater is all around the world, and it’s in every language. It’s like a world-wide community that everyone can join. This aspect is often why people get involved, and it’s one of the main reasons why I do what I do. Theater is a way for us to express ourselves in ways that we might not be able to otherwise. It’s a chance for kids and adults alike to let loose, and discover who they are. 

To learn about others. The fun thing about theater is that it’s usually about more than one person. Teens might be a part of over one hundred different theater productions in the coming year. For example, I’m a part of a theater group that’s performed in five different countries, and we’re currently performing a play that’s being performed on stage throughout Europe. In class, we have to read plays that were written by others before us (and possibly thousands of years before us), write scripts based on real-life events, and try to imagine how other people are feeling when they’re reading our words. In addition, we’re able to perform for each other and talk about the work that we create. It’s important to learn about ourselves, but it’s also important to see what others have done with their lives.

To help out. For every role in a play, there are two more people working behind the scenes that you probably never even notice. Costumes have to be designed, lights set up, and stage hands need to make sure that things run smoothly throughout the rehearsal process. The best way to learn about the importance of teamwork? Participate. If you get involved with the theater program in school, you’ll know what it means to work hard behind the scenes, and work well with others.

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If you’re thinking about getting into theater, here’s why I love it and why it can help you write!

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